Frag Calcio

Frag Calcio Frag Calcio is a weekly format on the Calcio Berlin YouTube channel. Former OneFootball hosts Nico Heymer, Niklas Levinsohn and Christoph Kröger select the best question from their loyal community and answer them in a 40-45min session. Topics can range from GOAT questions to current Bundesliga events or be completely off-topic. At the […]

The Drip

The Drip The Drip was an experimental format on the OneFootball channels (mainly YouTube) to explore the fashion aspect of football. The two hosts would bring fashion items (boots, jerseys) or Instagram photos of football player looks to the set and evaluate them. The goal was to win this little battle by getting more Drips […]

Daily News

Daily News For many years the Daily News were the heart and soul not only of the OneFootball YouTube channel, but also as a content provider for the OneFootball app. Led by the three hosts Nico, Niklas and Christoph we informed our audience every weekday about what was going on in the world of football. […]

DVAG presents Be The Coach

DVAG presents Be The Coach OneFootball partnered up with DVAG to leverage their ownership of coaching as key topic of their campaigns. Be The Coach was built from scratch to secure both an organic branding as well as deep-dive tactical content that the OneFootball audience would enjoy. The weekly format follows the key idea that […]


Trikotranking One of the classics on the Calcio Berlin YouTube channel. In this format the jerseys of all (Bundesliga) clubs are ranked by Nico, Niklas and Christoph. Highly anticipated before each season, it is always one of the best performing pre-season formats as the audience deeply cares about the game behind the game. The format […]

Tier List

Tier List If you know what a tier list is then this format probably doesn’t need any further introduction. This evergreen dealt with the biggest questions in football: who ranks where? The banter between the hosts Nico Heymer, Christoph Kröger and Niklas Levinsohn always had a good portion of humour at its heart. Without leaving […]

Transfer Talk by

Transfer Talk by OneFootball and extended the topic of the „Gamebreaker“ to a weekly Transfer Show that accompanied the OneFootball audience throughout the transfer window. For the background of the campaign please check the Gamebreaker case featuring Ferran Torres. In this show YouTube and Twitch legend Statman Dave (The Kick Off among others) […]

Sektion Radioverbot

Sektion Radioverbot Sektion Radioverbot was probably the most successful weekly on the OneFootball channels. It was a vodcast that started out with Nico Heymer and Dennis Aogo as hosts. Dennis was later replaced by a rotating guest list featuring Niklas Levinsohn and Christoph Kröger among others. The content of the show was based on current […]

Calcio Berlin Branding

Calcio Berlin Branding In January of 2022 I founded Calcio Berlin together with Nico Heymer, Niklas Levinsohn and Christoph Kröger. We already were colleagues at OneFootball and decided it was time for a project where we could call all the shots. As Managing Director I mainly take care of the financial and business aspects of […]


Q&A One of the most famous weekly formats at OneFootball was the Q&A. The hosts would collect the best questions from the audience via YouTube and make a whole episode out of answering them. The tone of voice could range from complete nonsense to very deep and philosophical questions. From very personal ones to best-of […]