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OneFootball Show

The OneFootball Show is a weekly football show that is distributed via the OneFootball network. Concept and production are handled entirely in-house. The show features a great variety of prominent guests from the German speaking football scene.

The show is hosted be Carolin Labes and features several formats within the show itself, such as Be The Coach, Späti Schnack, The Drip or Transfer Talk. It is shot in a custom-made studio on the OneFootball premises.

Ein kleiner Auszug aus der Gästeliste

René Adler
Timo Baumgartl
Robert Glatzel
Benjamin Lauth
Jasper Löffelsend
Patrick Owomoyela
Isabelle Linden
Lucas Vogelsang
Torsten Mattuschka
Felix Kroos
Benjamin Kirsten
Manuel Gräfe
Tugba Tekkal
Maik Franz
Lena Cassel
Niko Backspin
Jonas Hummels
DirectorI was the director on set
Creative DirectorI led ideation on new formats and brand integrations
ConceptI wrote the concept of both the show and its formats